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Simple answers to the most common carpet cleaning questions. We make rug cleaning easy.

Why must I avoid stepping on carpets with shoes?

Shoes are dirty while carpets are absorbent. Shoes will definitely leave dirt behind and that's why frequent carpet cleaning is recommended by the specialists of Carpet Cleaning San Marino if you have kids at home, especially if they are still crawling. It won't be healthy if you like to sit on the floor because you will definitely put your hands on the floor and mouth transferring germs accumulated among fibers.

Should I get one color rug for kids?

One color rug perhaps would be preferable in nurseries, where you want to create a peaceful environment for the baby. As kids grow older, they need to be challenged by their environment and complicated colorful rugs will be perfect. They won't have to be complex geometrical shapes or oriental rugs but make sure the colors are intense and the motifs playful. They will be easier for rug cleaning, too.

What is a good first step when cleaning a new stain?

San Marino carpet cleaner experts recommend that the very first thing you should do if anything at all is spilled on your carpet is to simply place an absorbent rag on top of the spill. Let the spillage be absorbed for a time before doing anything else.

Which upholstery fabrics tend to hold more dust and dirt?

Plush fabrics usually accumulate dust and dirt more quickly. The list includes suede and velvet plus chenille. These fabrics do not require any special cleaning compared to their counterparts. It just has to be done more frequently. It is up to you to decide whether you are willing and able to make thing kind of trade-off.

How effective is baking soda for stain removal?

It works in a similar way to soap when mixed with a bit of water. It creates bubbles which pick up the soil and remove it from the fibers. Given this, it could work for mild stains when applied immediately. Still, you should use it only after confirming that it is safe for your carpet, given its make and dye.

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