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Keeping Your Carpet Clean

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

We are all trying to find ways to eliminate dirt and grime in our carpets. You can limit how dirt gets into it by declaring no-shoe zones inside your home. You can also place sturdy doormats or rugs at entry ways to your home. Frequently vacuuming is another way to help keep it clean. It helps to keep grit from being embedded into the carpet. There are many preventive maintenance cleaning methods to consider. It does not matter if you use a truck mounted cleaner, a hot water extraction cleaner or a steam cleaning machine, as they all work very well. However, you cannot leave it too wet or use too much cleaner.Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Spot Cleaning Stains

There are times when carpet cleaning does not require the use of a machine. Spot cleaning can be performed when there are minor stains or filthy areas that need to be done. Do not rub a stain but blot it. Rubbing the stain only pushes the spill deeper into the pile. Press down with the heel of your hand. Using hand washing soap is a good solution to use during spot cleaning.

Using Vinegar as a Alternative

White vinegar is also good in spot cleaning situations. Every stain calls for a different type of solution. Some stains are easier to remove when they appear in small spots. Other stains require a little elbow grease when trying to remove them from the carpet. All spot stains are not created equally so therefore it may take a little longer than normal to remove certain types of spot stains. Carpet cleaning San Marino suggests that knowing the condition of it will help you choose the right cleaning solution. You must remain diligent in your work of removing the stain and not let it beat you.

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